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LeapPad Ultra Tablet for Children

LeapPad Ultra Tablet for Kids

LeapPad Ultra Tablet for Kids

Looking for the best kids tablet? Check out the newest LeapPad Ultra by LeapFrog.

LeapFrog has come a long way over the years to design and create a top of the line learning tablet for kids. The great thing about LeapFrog tablets is the way they give children the ability to play lots of fun games and applications, but also shield them from the potential dangers that other adult-oriented tablets may have. The LeapPad Ultra kids tablet is set for release in August 2013 and the “Ultra” is the perfect toy for the upcoming 2013 holiday season.

The latest LeapPad Ultra provides children with a number of activities that will spark their imagination and creative side. Through entertainment applications and learning games, Leapfrog tablets will not only be fun for your child to play with, but will also stimulate their minds.

The Ultra tablet includes Wi-Fi with a kid-safe browser, for a kids-safe learning experience.

The new LeapPad Ultra is fitted with a 7-inch Duo Tech display and comes with a much faster processor than the original version. This makes game play a much smoother experience. It also features a higher resolution and a camera in both the front and back of the tablet. Through this feature, children can easily snap fun photos of themselves or of others. 8GB of memory provides kids with plenty of room to download all of their favorite applications.

The 7-inch screen allows children to easily navigate through the tablet with large graphics and fonts. The built-in motion sensor allows them to play games on a whole new level, by turning the device and shaking their way through a variety of games. Other great features include a video recorder, built-in camera and microphone.

The LeapPad Ultra tablet will be available to pre-order from July 17th , with shipping starting in early August for $150. App prices will start at $5, while physical game cartridges will cost $30.

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